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Sometimes I just want to eat cherries in bed while watching murder shows. Thinking about nothing but cherries and murder.

I finally remembr my tumblr password!!!!

Motorcycle Bar

-motorcycle bar-

Alan Jackson on the box

I don’t know which song

it’s a labour to sit here for long


eradication of the entire human race

that’s what I’ll work on

after I work off my outstanding
bar tab
What Stephen Hawking Said

-what stephen hawking said-


your dark eyes

are dark out

of memory

not like a black

hole trapping things

that move at light

speed, but brown

or blue

or neither,

just the way I

remember them


On twitter I follow soGMJWGMme really funny people. Some have many followers and others have little. And some have medium. Uh, that’s just common sense, right? The two funniest people i follow on twitter are @OfNorthAmerica @DavidKlein5.

Unfortunately i’m going to be a jerk and say who my top…

Poet Laureate
Poet Laureate
As Poet Laureate of North Manchester Indiana I received recognition 
from literally tens of people at the local coffee shop's open mic readings
The mayor awarded me (with pride)
two ten dollar gift certificates to East 
of Chicago Pizza, also I was allowed
to ride a bicycle in the towns
"Funfest" parade in front of the mayor's
convertible, and behind the Peabody
nursing home Aqua-Aerobics float
That kind of respect can't be found 
everyday, behind every corner
It has to be earned
Earned by my wit and charm and some might argue my devilishly handsome looks
The Manchester Daily Monitor called
me the Oscar Dela Hoya of literature, 
"Issuing hit after hit, in a poetic sense of course"
The online article goes on to say "God has blessed, 
not only North Manchester, but the entire world with his abilities as a word smith."
Market Street was honorably named Wagner Street temporally with paper signs 
and even though my true home town of Warsaw is a few miles to the north, 
I'm still some what of a home town hero to the folks in Manchester
-icons of the virgin-

Here is my 1st ever poem to be published back in 2003 




-icons of the virgin- 


icons of the virgin are painted in etceteras on the wall

surface, texture, erosion.

you don’t know that I can hear assembly line

efforts in your voice.

midnight sky of braille and arabic numerals

counting, falling.  dot dot dot dash,

immaculate Morse code for V,

not for victory or for varsity

or for virtue.

latitude lines on an uncreated earth

still have their degrees and intervene with longitude

baby born into a cartilage cage

a metaphor for the unspoken

benedictions for the perishing apostle

zodiac, monkey pox, increased rations

assembly line icons of the virgin

etcetera etcetera written on her face

I Grew Up

-I grew up-

in a town with 967 streetlights, not that I’ve counted.

the water quality was considered good to drink

but the goose poop and duck poop might make

you think twice about swimming in any one of our lakes.

my great grandfather told me that you could dip your hand into

the water while you were fishing and have a drink,

but you wouldn’t want to anymore.

he died in ’83.  he’s buried in the town cemetery near

the lake where he used to fish and drink from.

my dad worked at the Burger King where you can have a Whopper

an astonishing 1,024 different ways.

my mom was an underpaid nurse aid at an old folks home.

she had beautiful skin and blond hair when she started,

and wrinkles and white hair as white as her patients

when she retired.

when they die, they will be buried in a plot of land

about 30 miles out of town,

the only land they’ve ever owned,

well away from the welcoming glow of less than a thousand street lights

it’s all probably karma

(heres a story fragment that will likely never see the light of day.  it probably shouldnt be here also.  everything is fine)  

ive had an absurdly long week.  ive had appointments to attend.  clients to please.  interviews to conduct. set up new appointments so far in the future that i have to write notes to myself in triplicate to remember.  going to see a head shrink next week.  i will see the psychiatrist six times.  therapy can be like dating.  if it isn’t going anywhere after 6 encounters, it is best to cut all ties before things get too serious and a break from any point after is going to be messy.  two days after doctor visit number one i’ll have a turkey dinner with the family.  all penciled into my day planner.  the week after, my brother’s soon to be ex-wife and son will come to stay at my house in the city until soon to be ex-wife can get her feet on the ground.    

it’s maddening how time blurs into itself.  i used to think i was the dictionary definition of indefatigable, but as of late, i feel like a poor and huddled mass.  
my business is falling, has fallen, apart.  my personal relations have expired.  unreturned phone calls, letters, emails. birthdays, anniversaries and other important days fogotten because my day planner is too full with business notes.  
i do have a select handful of friends who i break my neck to see, but i think my neurosis have been too much for them lately and has driven their once affectionate social embrace toward me away. friends avoiding me like there is a large sum of money owed.  friends avoiding me like i’m asking them to spend their weekend helping me move.
it’s all probably karma.  
the business in the shithouse because of unethical dealings in the past.
loneliness because of the callus way ive made loved ones lonely when they could have used attention.
even the weather is shit because i did not embrace the lovely weather when it was here, december saying you should act more kindly toward may.
i cant seem to shake the feeling of regret.  
i cant seem to wipe this stupid expression of tiredness off my face.  
when i get home i’ll take some pills to help me sleep.  my dreams are void of color.  faceless phantoms pass while my feet are caked in cement.  
airplanes fly over head with no destination.

Oren Wagner